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Featured Image For Orthodontics – When is a good time for my child to see an orthodontist?

We hear it more and more frequently – “my friend has braces, will I need braces?” So when is a good time for kids to go see an orthodontist? Every patient is different! Our development is all on different tracks so there is not one correct answer. According to the American Academy of Orthodontics, a […]

Featured Image For Candy – what’s best for our teeth?

Halloween is right around the corner and we all deserve a sweet treat! But how can candy affect our teeth? Here are some helpful tips from Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry when choosing and eating candy. Drink tons of water! While all sugary treats (candy and snacks) can aid in the formation of cavities, drinking water […]

Featured Image For General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia or “sleep” sedation is a service provided by one of our board certified pediatric dentists at Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry, Frankfort, IL.  Our pediatric dentists strive to provide quality dental care for children. In some cases, a child’s cognitive level, age, or dental needs require the assistance of general anesthesia.   General Anesthesia […]

Featured Image For What’s this spot on my tooth? – Enamel Hypoplasia or Hypomineralization

WHAT’S THIS SPOT?! WHAT’S ENAMEL HYPOPLASIA OR HYPOMINERALIZATION?! In this dental defect, the enamel, or outer layer of the tooth, doesn’t develop properly. This can cause the tooth to become chalky-looking or discolored. This condition is called Enamel Hypoplasia or Hypomineralization, because the enamel, who’s role is to cover and protect the surface of the […]

Featured Image For The Importance of a Child’s Dental Cleaning

At Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry, routine dental cleanings are important for our patient’s little smiles. Home care such as brushing and flossing play a big role in maintaining oral health, but we also need to visit our dentist to make sure we are finding all of those sugar bugs! What are we looking for during […]

Featured Image For Covid-19 Infection Control and Safety During Your Dental Visit

In our last Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry blog post, we discussed how Covid-19 is effecting dental patients and offices. As we know, Covid-19 is transmitted via respiratory droplets and touching contaminated droplets-transferring them to your eyes, nose, mouth. As pediatric dentists, we are learning how we can improve our infection control protocols and our facility! […]

Featured Image For COVID-19 and Dental Care

Covid-19 has interrupted many things – school, birthdays, work, weddings-including a visit to the dentist. Across the nation, dental offices are postponing dental treatments because the American Dental Association (ADA) and Center of Disease Control (CDC) have asked all dental offices to stop non-urgent visits and surgeries. But why? There are many things we are […]

Featured Image For Dental Oral Sedation

The dental team at Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry recognizes the importance of children having a positive and relaxing experience during their dental visit. We believe that children should have a positive relationship with their dental provider and create an experience where quality dental care is provided. In some instances, sedation dentistry is offered for children […]

Featured Image For New Year, New Dental Habits!

It’s a new year and the resolutions have begun! For some of us here at Bite Size, it’s all about eating healthier, working out more and drinking less coffee. But adding new dental habits is a great way to start off the year too!    Good oral hygiene and healthy dental habits are an important […]

Featured Image For My Dental Insurance in the New Year – What I Need to Know

It’s the end of the year and for many of us, that means our insurance plan is about to renew in the new year. So what does this mean for my benefits, you may be asking? Dental insurance can be confusing to navigate – here we have explained a few of our most asked questions […]


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