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Featured Image For Dental Plaque & Calculus – What is this build up on my child’s teeth?

Ever wonder what the sticky, white film on your child’s teeth is and how to get it off? Well this is called dental plaque! Plaque is a naturally occurring film on our teeth that is constantly forming. While we cannot stop the formation of dental plaque, we can remove it at home with good brushing […]

Featured Image For Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas and My Child’s Dental Visit

Did you know that Nitrous Oxide has been used for dental procedures for over 100 years?    It also is the safest way to help your child feel comfortable and relaxed for their more uncomfortable appointments, such as fillings and  extractions. You may know Nitrous more commonly called “Laughing Gas.” Nitrous is an odorless gas […]

Featured Image For Flossing…Do I Have To?

Why is it that flossing is such a dreaded chore? It’s the thing most of us do twice a year usually right before our 6 month cleaning with our dentist.  We have all been guilty of the “I brush twice a day, I’m good” mentality. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth. Studies […]

Featured Image For Children’s Teeth & the Importance of Mouthguards

Did you know? According to the American Dental Association, one third of all dental injuries are sports related and more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented by wearing a mouth guard. A sport mouth guard is worn over a child’s teeth while playing a contact sport (football, hockey, basketball, soccer, etc) and non-contact sports (skateboarding, […]

Featured Image For Dental Insurance – what is the difference between an HMO and PPO Plan

Dental insurance is a tough topic to understand – do we need it? Is it worth the cost? How much money do I save out of pocket by using insurance? Do I want to use an HMO or PPO plan? There are so many great questions! Many plans can save you a lot of money […]

Featured Image For Frenectomies & Lip and Tongue Ties – what are they & how do we treat them?

Bite Size is excited to introduce a new laser to the practice! So you might be wondering what this laser is used for in dentistry. While lasers can be used for numerous dental procedures, one of the most common uses in pediatric dentistry is for frenectomies. What exactly is a frenectomy? A frenectomy is the […]

Featured Image For Kids and grinding teeth – is this normal??

Working in pediatric dentistry, we often hear parents are concerned that their child is grinding their teeth at night – this is also known as bruxism. While it may be difficult to listen to, the good news is most kids grow out of grinding their teeth when the permanent teeth erupt! So you might be […]

Featured Image For What it means to find an in-network dental provider

We get a ton of great insurance questions at Bite Size but the main one is “are you in network with my insurance plan?” There are many benefits of seeing an in network provider for your dental care – here is some information regarding what it means to be an in-network provider for dental plans […]

Featured Image For Tooth Trauma – What to do and how we treat it!

We often see children come into the office with trauma to their front baby teeth. Pediatric dental trauma affects 30 to 40% of all children. Whether caused by a fall, or while playing a sport, impact can cause injury to the tooth. How tooth trauma is treated varies upon how severe the injury is. When […]

Featured Image For All About Toothpaste

We get so many great questions on toothpaste – what is a good brand, are there any mild flavors for children, or how much toothpaste should my child be using? It is important to find a good toothpaste for both adults and children and we have some information to help you choose a good toothpaste […]


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