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Orthodontic Services

At Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry, it is our goal to help give your child the healthiest oral future possible. Many children have abnormalities in teeth or oral habits that can develop into more serious conditions. That’s why we recommend taking your child to his or her orthodontist for an early screening, by the age of seven.

We understand that every child is different and development varies. Early evaluation provides detection of problems as well as opportunity for effective treatments.

We screen for and offer many orthodontic treatments that can help correct parafunctional habits and orthodontic needs such as:

  • Bruxism – grinding or clenching of teeth
  • Tongue Thrusting – a behavior in which the tongue protrudes through the anterior (front) teeth during swallowing, speech and while the tongue is at rest
  • Thumb Sucking or Finger Habits
  • Early or late loss of teeth
  • Crowding or spacing of teeth
  • Overbite/Underbite of teeth
  • Mouth breathing
  • Teeth clenching or grinding

Early evaluation isn’t always followed by treatment, but it allows us to monitor your child’s growth until it is time for treatment. By starting early, we can decrease future needs and time needed in braces, optimizing better results for your child.


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