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Flossing…Do I Have To?

Why is it that flossing is such a dreaded chore? It’s the thing most of us do twice a year usually right before our 6 month cleaning with our dentist.  We have all been guilty of the “I brush twice a day, I’m good” mentality. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth. Studies have shown that flossing can actually be more important and beneficial than brushing!

So why is this? Ever bring yourself or your kids to the dentist, just to be shocked that they have 4+ cavities! You think to yourself where did I go wrong? We brush twice a day, and limit sugar, juice, snacks…. Que the FLOSS! There are so many great options for flossing – traditional string floss, floss picks (kids love the Dinosaur floss picks!), or even a water or air flosser to help remove food and plaque from in between our teeth – there is a type of floss for everyone! Plaque is something that will occur in even the best of brushers, and take a guess what area of your teeth your tooth brush can’t reach? You got it! In between your teeth! This just happens to be the most common area of the teeth for cavities to develop.


So, keep your dentist (and teeth!) happy and continue brushing, but add some flossing to your nightly routine! As you get older it is the main source of keeping gingivitis at bay too! Trust us you won’t regret it!


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