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Frenectomies & Lip and Tongue Ties – what are they & how do we treat them?

Bite Size is excited to introduce a new laser to the practice!

So you might be wondering what this laser is used for in dentistry. While lasers can be used for numerous dental procedures, one of the most common uses in pediatric dentistry is for frenectomies.

What exactly is a frenectomy?

A frenectomy is the removal or release of a frenulum – the frenulum is the tissue that attaches the center of the upper lip to the area between the two front teeth (called a labial frenulum) or the tissue that connects the floor of the mouth to the tongue (called the lingual frenulum).

When these frenum attachments are “heavy” or “tight”, it may be recommended by your child’s pediatrician or dentist to have the tissue released, also known as a frenectomy. A frenectomy can be recommended for several reasons:

  • a tight labial frenulum tissue (also known as a “lip tie”) may cause issues with latching during breastfeeding and is typically revised in infants
  • a tight lingual frenulum (also known as a “tongue tie”) may impose on speech and the ability to pronounce certain letters and sounds
  • Lip ties are known to cause gaps and spacing between the top front teeth
  • Both lip and tongue ties can be involved in the formation of gum disease due to the tissue inhibiting good oral health habits such as brushing along the gumline or recession due to the excessive pulling on the gum tissue

By using the laser for frenectomies, dentists can aid in revising some of these common issues. If you think your child may have a lip or tongue tie or your pediatrician has recommended a frenectomy be done for your child, our office is here to help!

Check out the video below to see a tongue tie revision using the laser!



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