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Helpful Tips to Get Your Kiddos to Brush Their Teeth

Let’s face it, there’s a mobile app for just about anything…even toothbrushing! We’ve picked some of our favorite apps. If you’re having a challenging time getting your little one motivated to brush, check these out!

1. Disney Magic Timer

What we love about it: Features 23 of our favorite Disney characters to encourage kids to brush longer. Kids get to collect a digital sticker for each brushing session, rewards and motivation from their favorite Disney Character. It tracks their progress and motivates them to collect more prizes for good brushing! The app requires the use of a Crest/Oral-B product. Some app glitches have been reported with trying to transition between characters.

2. Brusheez

What we love about it: Kids pick a “monster” and design them (by picking the color of their hair, pajamas, etc). This “monster” and timer is a guide to help you brush those teeth!



3. Brush Up: The Toothbrush Training Game

What we love about it: 2016 First Prize award from The US Education Department. Helps kids earn how to brush better by using “Budd” the toothbrush tutor. Budd, a song, and virtual prizes help kids get motivated to brush! The app is free for only the first month (bummer!)

4. Brush DJ

What we love about it: Who doesn’t love jamming out to music?! Brush DJ shuffles music from your phone and plays 2 minutes of your favorite hits to help you brush!

5. Toothbrush Timer

What we love about it: Not only does this app help you keep time of how long you are brushing, it reminds you how long you have had your toothbrush for and reminds you to buy a new one! More importantly, you can track when your next dental visit it…scrub away!


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