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My Dental Insurance in the New Year – What I Need to Know

It’s the end of the year and for many of us, that means our insurance plan is about to renew in the new year. So what does this mean for my benefits, you may be asking?

Dental insurance can be confusing to navigate – here we have explained a few of our most asked questions at this time of year.

What does it mean when my plan runs on a calendar year?

Most dental insurance plans run on a calendar year, meaning January to December, so these plans will “restart” on January 1st. At this time, deductibles and maximum benefit limits renew (assuming your individual plan has a deductible and maximum, all plans are different). For example, if you met your $50 deductible for 2019, when 2020 begins, your $50 will apply again (to whatever services the deductible may apply to). Same goes for maximum benefit limits – for example, if you reached your $1500 maximum for 2019, your maximum will “reset” and you will have your full $1500 maximum benefit limit to use on January 1st.

What if I have a new insurance provider in the new year?

Some employers may decide to use a NEW insurance provider in the new year. This means your dental plan may be completely different from the past plan. If you have updated insurance information, it is important to provide our office with this information as soon as possible (especially for those patients who have visits scheduled at the beginning of the year) so that we are able to get a breakdown of your dental benefits and make you aware of any co-insurance or deductibles that may apply to your next visit.

I have questions about new coverage, who can answer my questions?

Every dental plan is different, so if you have individual questions regarding your dental plans renewal dates or deductibles/maximums/co-insurance rates, your insurance company or company human resources is the best place to ask these questions!

See you in 2020!


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