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New Year, New Dental Habits!

We have all said it – “New year, new me!” But what about starting a little smaller, like “New year, new dental habits!” While starting healthy dental routines any time of the year is great, there is no time like the fresh start of a new year to really focus on healthy habits.

Here are our top 5 dental tips to help you and your family start the New Year with sparkling smiles!

  1. Drink water! Drinking water is essential for our bodies but is also great for our dental health. Drinking water after meals helps to rinse away any leftover foods that may stick to our teeth.
  2. Choose teeth friendly snacks – cheese, yogurt, fibrous fruits, vegetables and nuts are all great choices! Eating foods like fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and calcium-rich foods like cheese are just a couple examples of foods that promote healthy gums and teeth. Foods high in fiber require extra chewing, which promotes saliva production. Saliva helps to cleanse our teeth. Foods high in calcium help to strengthen our tooth’s enamel.
  3. Brushing/flossing charts – one of the best ways to keep track of dental habits is to follow a chart! Sticker charts are a great way to have fun with brushing and flossing your teeth while also staying motivated to keep going day after day. 
  4. Make dental routines part of family time! Kids learn while watching parents and older siblings. Showing that the entire family is brushing and flossing together makes it much more fun.
  5. Visit your dentist! Make sure to schedule a routine dental checkup with your Bite Size pediatric dentist at our Frankfort, IL or Oak Lawn, IL location! Routine dental visits are important to check that home care is being done correctly to remove plaque and to also check for cavities. We can’t wait to see you at your next visit! 🙂


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