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Shark Teeth??

Have you ever noticed while brushing your child’s teeth a set of permanent teeth coming in behind their baby teeth?  Due to the two rows of teeth, many commonly refer to this condition as “Shark teeth.”  Don’t worry, no one is turning into a shark here.

What is happening, is that the permanent teeth that are coming in, usually positioned behind the baby teeth, and the baby teeth have not yet loosened or fallen out.

The baby teeth may be on their way out, and this can be a normal period of transition. Adult teeth are much bigger and wider when compared to baby teeth and they are trying to find their space to fit in.

In many cases, the baby tooth will not get the “signal” that a new tooth is here to take it’s place. Therefore, it will not get loose and effect the position of the permanent tooth. In this case, the baby tooth may need to be removed by a dentist. If you notice your child has shark teeth encourage them to give their baby teeth a wiggle everyday!



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