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Why Does My Dentist Recommend Fluoride for My Child?

Fluoride – Why is it good for my child’s teeth?

Why does Dr. Denise recommend fluoride treatments twice a year? Or what are the benefits of
fluoride for my child? We get these questions all the time!
Here is some information to answer your frequently asked questions on fluoride!

• Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral in the earth’s crust and bodies of water– when
we hear “water fluoridation” this means the fluoride levels in our drinking water are
adjusted to the recommended level to prevent tooth decay. This is the same concept as
fortified foods – adjusting fluoride levels in water is like adding calcium to orange juice
or vitamin D to milk.

• Fluoride is found in your community water supply, so it is easily accessible!

• We take fluoride both systemically (by ingesting foods/beverages) and topically (using
fluoride treatments & toothpaste) – when we consume foods, beverages and
supplements with fluoride, fluoride works systemically (within our body) to help develop
our teeth before they have erupted into our mouth and prevent cavities after they are
present in the mouth

• Fluoride prevents cavities by strengthening our tooth’s enamel (the hard outer layer of
our tooth). Once our enamel starts to demineralize and soften due to the sugar bugs
eating the tooth, fluoride is used to remineralize and strengthen the tooth

• By taking fluoride in with water or toothpastes and receiving fluoride treatments from
your dentist, you can prevent cavities – and as a result, reduce the need for fillings and
therefore save money!

• Not only is fluoride important for your child’s teeth to keep away the sugar bugs, but it
also helps prevent cavities for adults too! Using fluoride toothpastes, rinses, drinking
fluoridated water, and even getting fluoride treatments from your general dentist will
keep the whole family cavity free!


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