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Kid-Friendly Dental Terms

Each visit is an opportunity to create a positive dental experience for our little ones! And part of creating a positive experience for our Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry patients is using “kid-friendly” dental terms. This makes unfamiliar dental instruments and equipment more inviting and relatable.

Check out this list of some of our Bite Size kid-friendly dental terms:

  • Saliva ejector – straw or Mr. Thirsty
  • Air/Water syringe – water squirter or water and wind
  • Curing light – magic light
  • Fluoride varnish – tooth vitamins or sparkles
  • Foam fluoride – whipped cream
  • Cotton rolls – pillows
  • Nitrous nose – smelly nose or brave nose
  • Explorer – tooth counter
  • Rubber dam – blanket or trampoline
  • Prophy brush – tickle toothbrush
  • High speed & slow speed – water brush & bumpy brush
  • Intraoral camera – tooth selfie camera
  • Xray machine – camera
  • Lead apron – superhero cape
  • Plaque – sugar bugs

Our team at Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry is looking forward to seeing you!


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