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Featured Image For How Often Should My Child Visit the Dentist?

How often should my child visit the dentist? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from parents of little ones. Establishing a routine for your child’s dental care is very important in making sure their teeth stay healthy and sugar bug free! By age one, we start to see children for their first […]

Featured Image For But They Are Baby Teeth…. Won’t They Just Fall Out?

Often people think that baby (primary) teeth don’t really matter because they will  just eventually fall out. The truth is that baby teeth do matter and play a very important role in a child’s social, physical & emotional development. Healthy baby teeth help achieve good nutrition through proper chewing. When children are suffering from dental […]

Featured Image For What is a Dental Sealant?

Have you ever wondered what is a dental sealant and how are they placed? Click the link below to find out! What is a Sealant?

Featured Image For Why Does My Dentist Recommend Fluoride for My Child?

Fluoride – Why is it good for my child’s teeth? Why does Dr. Denise recommend fluoride treatments twice a year? Or what are the benefits of fluoride for my child? We get these questions all the time! Here is some information to answer your frequently asked questions on fluoride! • Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral […]

Featured Image For Helpful Tips to Get Your Kiddos to Brush Their Teeth

Let’s face it, there’s a mobile app for just about anything…even toothbrushing! We’ve picked some of our favorite apps. If you’re having a challenging time getting your little one motivated to brush, check these out! 1. Disney Magic Timer What we love about it: Features 23 of our favorite Disney characters to encourage kids to […]

Featured Image For A Crown for a Baby Tooth……What?? Why??

If you are a parent who has heard those dreaded words, “your child has a cavity or cavities,” don’t be upset! You are not alone. It has been found that between 60-90 percent of school-aged children suffer from cavities. Dental cavities can vary in size, some are superficial or minimal and can be treated with […]

Featured Image For What to expect at your toddler’s 1st Dental Visit

Here at Bite Size we strive to make each child’s first experience memorable (hopefully in a good way).  From greeting them as they come in to helping them pick out a toy at the end.  For your child’s first visit there is an order in which we go to make your child as comfortable as […]

Featured Image For Dental Insurance 101 – Where we answer your most common questions!

We get that insurance can be confusing – What is a deductible? Why doesn’t my insurance cover that at 100%? Are you in-network with my insurance? The questions are endless! But we have the answers. Here is some information on the questions we hear most at Bite Size! At Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry, we participate […]

Featured Image For Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Wait, 2016 is coming to an end?! We, here at Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry, can’t believe how fast the time has gone and we would like to share some exciting news from our team.

Featured Image For Ugly Sweater Party!

Ugly sweaters and snapchat fun! Hope all of our wonderful patients are staying warm on this chilly day! 🎄


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